Monday, September 28, 2009

oh, and just to be complete about it

The first sketchbook assignment in my illustration class was the word "mask."

The third was "duality."

I was sick for "fear."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

alphabet project

I've recently become fascinated with typography, and with hand lettering in particular. I thought it would be cool to start doing an alphabet a day in my sketchbook. Let's face it folks, that's not going to happen. But here are the first ones:

one panel cartoon

So, for my illustration class we have this weekly sketchbook assignment where we are given a word, and we have to illustrate it, drawing upon an image we select as inspiration.This week's word: spirituality. I chose a Bill Mauldin cartoon from Up Front as my touchstone, but the only similarity between my piece and his is that they are both one panel cartoons. I can't say that this is very good, but I wanted to share:

Signage (mostly hand-lettered)

Amazing hand-painted signage from SF, mostly Haight St. and Cole Valley.

Valcour Records

Valcour Records is probably my favorite record label right now. Small labels like these are the only ones really worth patronizing any more. It's really exciting to find people promoting and curating traditional and progressive Louisiana music. Buy stuff from them. I recommend this:

and this:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Magazine Cover Mockup

The streetcar photo is by Tony DiLorenzo, and I greatly appreciate his allowing me to post it here!