Saturday, April 5, 2008

I know it's because I am old

I am old. As far as the internet is concerned, I'm like 70. I'm old enough to have used Lynx on a VAX/VMS network. I was there when Al Gore made the internet out of wattle and daub. I remember when people had homepages. So, maybe it's just that that makes me want to strangle people when they talk about shooting each other emails. Just think about that phrase: "I'll shoot you an email." The blueshirt shitbag who coined that ugly idiom deserves to be dragged into the street and shot. People who use it sound like they discovered the internet last week and are trying to make up slang so they can sound hip. When you say, "I'll shoot you an email," you sound like a small town middle school guidance counsellor who was forced to start using a computer last year. Seriously people, don't say it.


irvin said...

People who say "shoot you an email" just want to have sex with the person they say it to. It's no big deal. When the middle-aged financier says "shoot you an email" to his garbage can, it is for complicated fucking reasons, not because they are assholes.

Ryan said...

i feel like the annoyance has something to do with using such a graphic term "shoot", which is usually reserved for quick physical motions which are often violent and/or contextually significant, for something relatively inconsequential and mundane. i mean seriously, you don't "shoot" an email. you send an email, or write an email. you shoot guns. or spit-wads. or semen. i guess emails are consequential at times, but the (physical) act of sending one is always just typing and clicking on "send", or whatever.