Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chris Sims is a really funny guy

So, I read Chris Sims' Incredible Super Blog pretty much daily. It is a treasure: smartly written, funny prose, mostly about comic books that should by all rights be consigned to the dust-heap of history. So yeah, geek-city. Anyway, today's entry contained a real gem, which I would like to share with you:
For my part, the evening started in the hotel room, where I mixed up a Wake-Up Call (Kahlua, Cream Liqueur, Vanilla Rum and a Starbucks Double-Shot) to recover from a long day of conventioneering and Dr. K pointed out that the actual name of that drink is something that ends in “-tini.” I told him that if I was going to make a Girl Drink, I should at least be allowed to give it a manlier name. It was then decided–and this took me, Dr. K, Chad, Trey and Jay–that by that rationale, a Strawberry Daquiri with extra whipped cream, cherries and a pineapple stick should be called a Cock Sword Machinegun Pickup Truck Volume 2: The Metal Years. Tell your friends!

Can we please go out for Cock Sword Machinegun Pickup Truck Volume 2: The Metal Yearses this weekend guys, please?!

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